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Welcome to Oceanside Jiu Jitsu! We specialize in self defense and Jiu Jitsu for people of all ages and all skill levels. We have a great group of students who have a lot of fun training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art that is practiced safely by men, women and children all over the world.
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Welcome to our academy!

Our goal is to bring "Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle" to the people of Oceanside, California. Health and fitness are just a couple of the benefits you will see while learning this martial art, whose effectiveness is without question. The focus at our academy places the importance on the team over that of the individual. This builds a level of trust you won't find in the other martial arts. This philosophy is what makes training Jiu Jitsu safe in spite of it's absolute effectiveness. Our system utilizes leverage and efficient use of technique over brute force, making it perfect for a smaller person. Nearly anyone can practice the "Gentle Art".
If a family atmosphere, team attitude and friendly vibe are qualities you can appreciate; we would love to have you on the team...

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